All you need is love (and one follicle)

It’s a grumpier day today.  Overnight, I have become nice and bloated and developed significant lower back pain. Ugh.

Stirrup check #3 this week=not great, but I’m hanging onto my glass half-full outlook with everything I’ve got.

Of all the follicles in there, only about 7 look they will be mature at the time of my ER (about 5 in the R and only 2 in the left), and that’s assuming they can get the 2 in the left ovary.  All the others are pretty small and pitiful, though not hopeless. It also seems I have a low ovarian reserve, as expected. Dr B said that although this follicle count is pretty low, she wouldn’t recommend cancelling the cycle unless it were as low as 4. She also said that, though we may retrieve fewer eggs than we hope, we can expect that the eggs are probably of good quality because of my age.  According to Dr B, we are betting on 7 mature eggs, hoping for 10 and counting on 1-2 fertilized blasts out of the lot.  This means no FET in my future if this doesn’t work but I’m still holding onto hope that it will. It takes every ounce of willpower to refrain from obsessively worrying that none of my eggs will fertilize.  This is my biggest concern as of late and I am doing my best to ignore it.  Again, Dr B reminds me that all we need is 1 good one.  As for the back pain, Dr B says it is common as the ovaries swell and push things around.  It is also unsurprising since my left ovary is still tucked behind my uterus that it is causing discomfort at it swells.

Oh, little ovaries, I am tiring of your antics. Still, I talk to you and ply you with love and encouraging words… come out, grow, let your freak flag fly…