Ever since I googled ‘artificial insemination’ early on and found myself among websites for farmers breeding cattle, I cannot see that word without a dark chuckle. At least ‘alternative insemination’ makes me think of cows swathed in rainbows, and maybe leather chaps (which would, of course, be wrong on so many levels) cruising at a pride parade before swinging by the farm to be bred.

To be clear, I don’t think of my journey (or anyone else’s) as bovine in any way, but every so often I am struck by the language we have to describe this process.  It’s amazing that such an intense journey has such clinical language as it’s badge.

But, I digress-mostly because I was, in fact, inseminated today. Clomid IUI round #2.

I’ve launched myself into full distraction mode. I have been really excited since joining the board of a local organization serving at-risk youth that pairs students with local photographers who serve as their mentors and giving them opportunities to exhibit their work around town.  We have an annual auction coming up in the fall and I have thrown myself headlong into helping organize it.   Check them out, they are fabulous:

Also, I have now added quilting to my list of random crafting hobbies and made my first baby quilt.  This started out as a gift for a friend but I significantly enjoyed both the process and outcome and, thus, have decided to keep it. I have a lot of superstitious angst about having baby things for our yet-to-be conceived baby.  However, much like Raul, the decision to keep the quilt means allowing myself to believe that our baby is not an ‘if’ but a ‘when,’ even if the exact ‘when’ is unknown.

The lighting in the room is a tad yellow, but you get the picture: