It’s only just begun

TTC timeline-

July/Aug 2009-KD #1 offers to join forces, many conversations commence

Sept 2009-M loses job 3 weeks before wedding day.  Horror and anxiety abounds.  TTC plan is extended while J and M first ‘get domesticated’ and then  ‘get stabilized.’

Oct 3, 2010- J and M get hitched and it was, simply put, an extraordinary day.

October 2010-J’s step-father has stroke, J flies home. More stress, TTC plan further delayed.

Nov-SO of KD #1 balks at plan, KD #1 backs out.

Jan/Feb 2010-KD #2 emerges from the abyss.  Many conversations commence. KD partner on board and supportive!  J starts charting with plan for summer inseminations…

Feb/Mar/April 2010-Life happens. Charting continues and anxiety grows as charting yields inconsistent results and J’s general practitioner tells her she will have ‘fertility problems’ due to irregular cycle (despite that J has not started trying yet). J sees unintentional but inherent heterosexism in this decree. J sees OB/GYN who reassures J: ‘don’t. worry. yet.’

J begins regular acupuncture, ignores over-anxious nature.

May 2010-Donor agreement signed and notarized!

June 2010-Supposed to start this month EXCEPT J’s parents move from across the country (during week of likely fertility) requiring much assistance-TTC bumped to next cycle.

July 2010-Perfect timing-BFN

August 2010-Timing’s all wrong, KD hs a few ‘no go’ tries, BFN #2 and J starts having acute pelvic pain.

September 2010-Ultrasound reveals 2 large cysts in J’s ovary-Endometriosis scare. TTC break until follow-up ultrasound in one month

October 2010-Anniversary at Orcas Island. Dreamy. Ultrasound reveals cysts have shrunk! Back to original plan. Another KD try-BFN #3

Novemeber 2010-KD try-BFN #4. pain returns, return to MD. Discover new cyst, or cyst that never left. OB recommends cystectomy and laparascopy to diagnose/treat probable endometriosis.

December 2010-Surgery diagnoses Stage IV Endometriosis, removes cysts from R ovary and extensive adhesions on pelvic floor/cul-de-sac. R ovary smaller but still viable. L ovary, fallopian tubes and uterus all clear! Plan to move on to Fertility Factory.

January 2011-Meet w/ RE at clinic. Project plan for 2 unmedicated IUIs, 3 medicated IUIs then, if unsuccessful, move straight to IVF to maximize period of time in reproductive system before endometriosis comes back .

Try one last at-home atempt w/ KD-BFN

Baseline ultrasound at CD 3 shows 12 developing follicles (instead of 14-20)-Decide to start w/ Clomid trial

Feb 2011- Midcycle u/s shows fat folly at 21mm on left ovary, lining at 10.5. No Lh surge detected so trigger shot w/ Ovidrel to induce ovulation

Feb 9-Clomid 50mg IUI #1. 18 million swimmers-BFN. AF comes 2 days early (10dpo)

March 2-Midcycle scan shows premature folly at 14mm. NP estimates growth at 2mm/day. Ovidrel trigger done on March 5

March 7-Clomid 100mg IUI #2. 10 million swimmers-boo. I am convinced that timing was too early.

March 21-It was. CD1 again. Clomid 100mg prep this week for IUI #3 (and the last one).

April 1-Midcycle scan-15mm follicle on right, 13.5 on left, still smallish so plan to trigger on 4/3, IUI on 4/5.

April 5-3rd and final Clomid IUI, begin the preliminary planning talks for IVF (just. in. case.) 11 million swimmers-disappointing, again.

April 18th-BFN, officially moving onto IVF. Awaiting CD1 and the pre-IVF tango.

April-May-Cyst crisis comes and goes, financial crisis comes and stays, awaiting CD1 to start BCP and then IVF stim meds. Waiting, waiting, waiting.

May 23-Start BCP (CD2)

June 13-Last week of BCP, start IVF suppression meds: Lupron 10u, plus dexamethasone, doxycycline, baby aspirin, pre-natal vitamin and DHA.

June 25-Start IVF stim meds: Follistim 225 IUs, Menopur 2vials. Overlapped w/ continued Lupron 10u, plus dexamethasone, baby aspirin, pre-natal vitamin and DHA.

June 27-6 developing follies on R ovary, 4 in L. L ovary tucked behind uterus, uncertain if these will be accessible at time of retrieval.

June 29-Several follicles about 11-13mm, a few 5-6mm lagging behind, 1 16mm that they may have to exclude as it is so far ahead of the others.  Estradiol at 550 and progesterone at .1 so sticking w/ f.ollistim at 225 and menopur 2 vials.

July 1-5 good size follies on the R, 2 on the left w/ 3 lagging behind-hormones on track.

July 3-Estradiol in 2000 range, progesterone at .2, same follie assessment though the the 3 laggers have started catching up… Go little guys! Left ovary is now sitting on top of my uterus, still hiding. ER scheduled for 7/5.

July 5-Retrieval! L ovary ‘floats’ into place once I am under anaesthesia, 7 eggs retrieved.

July 6-5 eggs fertilized on Day 1, 5-day transfer scheduled for 7/10.  Wishinghopingpraying continues, now for Grade-A blasts on day 5.


15 responses to “It’s only just begun

  1. Good luck! We’ve been successful with at-home fresh ICIs… We’ll have our fingers crossed for you!! Cheers!


  2. hey i found you guys from Ruby/Rose over in Dragon World. We also used a KD and have some horror, ur, success stories to share if you are interested! Let the games begin…..

    • Hey! Thanks so much for reaching out. I am hungry for any insights, wisdom, tips, or humor you’ve got to give…. Going to have to start wading through your archives 🙂 We start inseminating next month, via sperm-cup and needle-less syringe (I hear good things about such paraphernalia). I’ve got a pretty wonky cycle so I’m trying to stay positive.

  3. YES, definitely get an oral (needle-less syring) thats the easiest way, and should definitely be your first attempt (which is usually a comedy of errors). But I also suggest doing your second insem (of cyclc 1) using the o-cup (you can find it on amazon if you cant in local medical supply stores). It might be overkill (as others we know have had success with just the syring) but it took us 6 cycles, and in our impatience we pulled in other “technology” such as this cup, and were successful on our first use. It migth have been how were were lining up the syring, but…it cant hurt!
    Feel free to email me if you have any questions on timing, technique, etc..
    10stix2weeks at gmail..

    good luck i cant wait to follow your progress!

  4. I come to your blog through Ruby and Rose. I am looking forward to following your journey. I hope it is a short one filled with glee.
    Best Wishes,

  5. Hey – we used a KD at home and got pg on the first try! we are 6 weeks along now (my partner is carrying). no blog but happy to answer any questions over email. good luck!

  6. Hey there–this could have been my exact story, with the dates changed! Our first KD backed out because his girlfriend freaked out and I had irregular cycles as soon as our second KD was on board and ready to go. I’m now 24 weeks pregnant after 7 at-home tries (all with Clomid EXCEPT, ironically, the lucky cycle!) and am happy to help you out if you need any advice–don’t have a TTC blog, but feel free to email me. I’ll add to the chorus of recommendations the sperm cup, as we used one for the first time at our final insemination. Good luck!

    • Hi Hannah- Thanks for your post and congrats on your pregnancy! We do have a sperm cup. We got a little kit that comes w/ cup and needless syringe and such so I am hoping it will up our chances quite a bit. I’m reassured by your story as well. For now, I am relying almost solely on my CM for timing because it seems to be the most accurate predictor (according to past charts). I’d love any tips or words of wisdom that come to you-things that seemed to work to not work, etc.

  7. The things we found most useful were:

    (1) Speculum monitoring. The [plastic] speculum was so helpful, because I could really see what my cervix looked like over the course of my cycle (the one that worked, it was WIDE open like I’d never seen it before) and I could see CM coming out of the os, which was a good backup to monitoring it externally. It’s a little too hands-on for some people, but if you’re comfortable doing it, it’s pretty empowering.

    (2) A Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. I got mine free on Craigslist (they’re usually pretty pricy, but they have ’em on eBay too), and found it really helpful because it calibrates to your specific cycle and hormones, plus you can use it with your first morning urine (which isn’t recommended for OPKs). That meant that most months, I’d know at 6 am if I was surging that day, which left plenty of time to schedule our KD to come over at a time that worked for all of us.

    (3) I did also use OPKs at other times during the day, and we found that the digital ones were well worth it (especially since you can get them cheap on eBay, just check the expiration dates). Squinting at lines on the regular OPKs the first cycle was totally crazy-making.

    (4) We jumped the gun and insemmed too early the first few cycles, and then realized that even though we were able to do multiple insems and still do one close to ovulation when we started too early, we were essentially wasting the best load on the first insemination. So we started giving our KD an approximate window during which he should be ready and then sitting on our hands and waiting for a positive OPK or a peak on my monitor before we inseminated (and then did two days in a row). I usually ovulated a day after my positive OPK, so we’d hit O-day and the day before.

    Best of luck to you ladies! I’ll be following along here.

    • Thanks so much-this email was really helpful. I have had terrible luck with getting a positive reading on the OPKs- I just found out that a friend of mine has a fertility monitor that I can borrow so I plan to start with that next cycle. I’m told it takes a few cycles to calibrate? Is that so? This cycle I am solely depending on CM (which has been pretty reliable thus far) and speculum.

      Out of curiosity-Did your KD donate in your home or did he drop it off once completed? Also, what kind of a donation receptacle did you find worked best? I’ve known folks who have done it successfully both ways but am always curious about how people have worked out the logistics in the past. I know there is about an hour window but, obviously, the shorter the better.

      Thanks! Jessica

  8. Yup, it might not give you a peak reading the first cycle you use it, but after that it should be OK. I used the digital OPKs as a backup, but by the second month mine was synced up with my cycle.

    We had our KD come to our house, and I’d recommend checking with him about jar size–you definitely want something with a wide mouth. I can tell you more about scheduling & logistics if you want to email me (I enter my email when I comment–can you see it?)

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