You know it’s a good day when…

…the embryologist uses the word ‘perfect’ to describe the 2 blasts they are about to transfer into your uterus. Grade 3AA! She said I have a 3rd embryo still growing but they won’t know until tomorrow if it will be freezable.

When they wheeled me into the transfer room, there they were, projected up on a screen from the lab.  I felt a rush of excitement and hope when I saw them. I watched on the ultrasound as the catheter went into the uterus and then back out and then it was over.After the transfer, they had me lay in the recovery room for abut 45 minutes.  M sat at my bedside while I zoned out, listening to the post-transfer mix she made for me on my Ipod and feeling very relaxed.  In other news, I also learned that I really enjoy valium…

The rest of the day has been spent in bed on Dr’s orders.  While I am typically someone that doesn’t handle bed rest well, this day has been filled with acupuncture, napping, bagel sandwiches, a new book, and some binge-watching of True Blood (I finally get the hype). Not too shabby. One more day of bed rest to go and then I will have to work on making my way through this agonizing week of waiting!

My only hope is that maybe Ms Libberal will Make it So this week and I will have a new birth to celebrate! C’mon Baby girl, the world’s ready to meet you!


7 responses to “You know it’s a good day when…

  1. So glad to hear the embryos were perfect. Sending sticky thoughts.

    And i also loved valium. I can see hoe people get addicted!

  2. EXCELLENT news! I am so freakin thrilled by the two perfect embies- Yay!!! They are working their magic right now- getting comfy in there, I’m sure. Thanks for the encouragement, I have a feeling in 40 weeks or so that same message is going to be coming your way. Good day!

  3. Hurray for your two perfect embies! It sounds like it was a really good experience! And funny about the valium–it’s Lynn’s favorite, too. I’ve never had it, but every time we see our pharmacist friend she jokes about getting a prescription…

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