What’s done is done… and that shit is done. It’s also my last injection, hurray!  This morning’s stirrup check yielded basically the same news as Friday, though the w/e Dr referred to my ovaries as ‘ravaged’ by endometriosis. Yes, thank you for that on a Sunday morning.  Otherwise, he was pretty positive and hopeful and had about the same assessment as Dr B: 7 good looking follicles, 3 maybes, stubborn left ovary.   M has been talking to my ovaries, trying to coax them to behave but I told her she is going to need to be more specific.  The left ovary has moved, though is now sitting strangely, sort of, on top of my uterus against my abdominal wall. After much digging and pressing w/ the dildocam, he was finally able to see the ovary via, yes, an abdomainal u/s.  Today’s doc also said ‘we have ways’ of getting to that left ovary and noted that, in very rare cases, they will aspirate through the abdominal wall if there is no other option.  He said this happens about once a year, out of about 700 completed ERs. He said again that it is a possibility that they won’t be able to get to it at all, but I am no longer considering that as an option.  Either way, my egg retrieval is officially scheduled for Tuesday morning and there’s nothing to do now but wait, and head to a BBQ or two in the meantime.

In other news, I loathe the fourth of July.  What was once a mildly irritating, at times entertaining excuse to grill with friends and play with sparklers is now a minefield of trauma and anxiety for my delicately tempered pooch.   While my neighborhood turns into a veritable war zone for the week around the holiday, my dog dissolves into a trembling mess of panting, pacing, shaking and whining.  The doggy Xanax prescribed by the vet doesn’t seem to curb the anxiety.  Instead, the little man walks into things and stares out at me with red-rimmed eyes from the back of my closet where he takes up residence for the duration of the festivities.  My clothes stink like dog fear and I am convinced that they will soon smell like excrement as we cannot convince him to go outside, even for a second.  I can’t begin to imagine how I ended up with such an anxious animal 🙂


5 responses to “Triggered.

  1. Hiding is NOT an option, I agree!

    My dog does the SAME thing and it has made the past few days a living hell, as the 4th being on a Monday this year means that lots of people got their celebrating in a bit early. Pair that with thunderstorms and sleep, even with days off, has become a commodity.

  2. Yay for the trigger! Sorry about the pup. Our girl was also the super anxious type, although thankfully not about loud noises (but she had an emotional breakdown every time we left the house without her. Not so fun.)

    Hoping you get some great news today!

  3. Oooo! I bet they’re in there getting your eggs out right now! Fingers crossed for good ones (and an obedient left ovary)! We try to leave town every year for the 4th because our dogs get so upset. Last night it was really loud in our neighborhood but we put on a white-noise machine and pretended that there was nothing to be afraid of. They were so tired from the extra walks all day that they managed to fall asleep.

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