On the fifth day of clomid…

Nothing! Well, not nothing. I’ve had some mild headache/nausea this week and wierd mini hot flashes but that’s it.  No crazy mood swings, nothing overwhelming.  I am taking a pretty low dose which probably explains it but I am so relieved to not have any added intensity this week.  Through a combination of bureaucratic issues, low morale, and increase in both caseloads and acuity, my job has been running me ragged.  I am doing my best to stay relaxed but you know how that goes. Telling myself repeatedly, “You have to stay calm!”, isn’t as soothing as it sounds. Last weekend, we had actually had sun (!) and moderate temperatures and I spent the whole time outside with friends doing lots of hiking, talking, distracting…. That seemed to work well. I’m relieved that another weekend is dangling in front of me and the days until my mid-cycle scan are dwindling. Hooray!

And now, a lovely, distracting memory of snowshoeing last weekend:




3 responses to “On the fifth day of clomid…

  1. This cycle is really coming together! Fifth day on clomid already? So great. It sounds like you’ve got some quality time-sucking distractions and I can’t wait to see how many/big follicles are in there! XO

  2. No crazy mood swings seems like a pretty good thing! Glad you’re keeping yourself busy and that things are moving along. Can’t wait to hear more!

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