Today is the day!

First appt w/ Fertility Factory (as they say) is today at 2:30p.   Nervous? Check. Excited? Check.

I also met w/ my OB-GYN surgeon for my post-op appt this week.  I just adore her. She showed me lots of pictures and walked me through my surgery and fertility prognosis.  I learned that there was in fact additional endometriosis all over my pelvic floor. It seems that both my parents and M missed this fact because they were focused on her discussion of my reproductive organs. Still, the good news is that they got the rest of the information right: My right ovary is still viable despite it’s slimmer size, my left ovary is totally clean as are my fallopian tubes and my uterus which look healthy and good. There was tissue in my uterus that indicated that I had ovulated that month-more good news. Also, the surgery cleared all the endo-junk out of my pelvis. The Ob-Gyn felt that my chances of getting pregnant are very good, especially right now, as I basically have a clean slate.  She felt that the clinic will likely start w/ IUIs as there is no reason to think at this stage that they won’t work.  Of course, there are LOTS of reasons to think they won’t work but I’m choosing to ignore thinking that way right now 🙂

The other good news is that I called my insurance company today. The first time I called, they told me no coverage for any fertility stuff, for any reason.  Today, on a whim, I looked in my benefit statement and saw otherwise.  I called again and, this time, was told IVF is not covered (which I knew) but IUIs, fertility drugs related to IUIs and other services are covered at 50%. Clearly, this is not amazing coverage but it sure is a LOT  better than nothing, assuming it is appropriate to start w/ IUIs.

And, so, with utter patience and armed w/ my new 2011 positive attitude, I wait for 2:30. Let the games begin… well, let them begin again


6 responses to “Today is the day!

  1. What great news! I’m so glad to hear that everything went well and not only are you ready (and, I note, rarin’) to go, but that you’ll actually get some money to help pay for it!

  2. What a great news day. It’s excellent to start off with such a positive day to push you forward. Good luck darling!

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